Bethel Grace Abbey Mission

This is the online outreach for Bethel Grace Abbey Mission. May our efforts to serve the hurting and homeless souls of Southern California reach to the level He has set for us. May His Glory shine through the darkness and be evident in all we do at Bethel Grace Abbey. These are only our humble beginnings, but through His love, we can move mountains. Thank you for joining us on our mission. May your life be as blessed as mine has become.
In His Loving Grace,
Jennifer Joy

Monday, January 6, 2014


Sometimes, there’s no rest for the wicked, as the saying goes. Then again, this sinner has decided to take advantage of an opportunity to rest, while we travel for a short while out of the local area. I will not be able to use my computer for the next week, so I will apologize in advance for not posting. If I get a chance to get some writing done, I will see if I can get it posted. Otherwise, have a great week. Lord willing, I will.

My prayer for you today, this week, and this New Year is for rest when you need it, unfettered joy, and peace beyond comprehension for all time.

In His Grace,

Jennifer Joy

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